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Why chose HPG?

High Performance Gym is unique.  It's more like a training club than a typical "box gym".  We limit our class size to less than 10 people so your trainer is accessible, right there along side you to make sure you've proper form. All the while you're fully supported by a close-knit community of people who started out JUST LIKE YOU.   At HPG you'll have access to a Functional Movement Screen and Nutrition advice from a Holistic Health Counselor.  Another additional feature is our Brazilian JiuJitsu Program for adults and kids, included in your membership.  Ever wanted to learn self defense, lose weight or be involved in a close-knit community? Here's your chance!



High Performance Gym offers an FMS screen to every new member.  Using a series of movements and exercises this screen will judge how well you move, point out bi-lateral differences and be able to predict injuries.  With this prediction HPG offers a unique warm up JUST FOR YOU.

Brazilian JiuJitsu - kids and adults

Clay Burwell's passion for BJJ is evident and contagious.  He has a unique style of teaching that will benefit anyone, whether you're practicing for self defense or to compete in tournaments.

BJJ is a time-proven and tested martial art that is not only practical for self defense but also builds strength and helps weight loss.  Brown belted by Josh Griffiths world champion out of NYC, Clay has studied JiuJitsu for over 10 years.   If you're interested in finding out more, please click the link at the top of this page and sign up for a free class!

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holistic health counseling

You get the complete package at HPG.  We will focus on all aspects of getting you into your best shape, not just physically.  If you follow our program, your strength, your health, your life will change.  The success you have at HPG will radiate into every area of your life. All you need to start is the willingness.  Give us a try!