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    High Performance Gym is results based group training.

  • Strength Training.

    It's the cornerstone of fitness.

  • Accountability.

    Our goal is to help you excel.

  • Work hard.

    Play hard.

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Less than 10 people per class ensures that you will get a customized workout!

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High Performance Gym is a group strength training facility. We offer world class training in a small group setting. Our small class size ensures that every member gets a custom version of the daily workout or 'w.o.d'. Our ultimate goal is for you to be able to take on any challenge, any sport and be confident that we prepared you for it. Our trainers have extensive education in strength training, and we aim to see that you workout hard without getting injured. If an injury has held you back in the past, we will see about getting through that hurdle and on to the next challenge.

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Why Strength Training?

Why do we have a strength training bias? Weight training is scientifically proven. It is the only form of exercise that consistently changes peoples bodies by building strength, power and overall athleticism. It prevents and heals injuries. It also burns fat. Training with High Performance, you will undoubtedly see yourself getting stronger and leaner. Positive results happen not just on the scale but they will actually carry over into every area of your life.

Besides, lifting up heavy objects is FUN!! Sitting on some elliptical machine for 5 hours a week is not only a COMPLETE waste of time, it is painfully, gut wrenchingly boring.

If group training isn't your thing, inquire about our PERSONAL TRAINING!

How we are different

At HPG you're not just a number. We limit our class size to 10 people for two main reasons:

ONE- reduce your risk of injury
TWO- achieve your goals through personalized training

Whether it's weight loss or training for an athletic event, your coach is there to help you every step of the way. Each one of our clients receives an FMS* score. Then based on your results, we provide a personalized program to improve your game and limit your risk of injury along the way.

Functional Movement Screen
This screen was developed by Gray Cook and is used to determine how well you move. Everyone loves a number - How much can you bench? What's your fastest 1 mile run? But you will never achieve your true personal best without first perfecting the way you move.

We offer this service to outside clients as well. For inquiry, please call 864-735-8808.